Blazzers Hacked this EA is designed to work on almost any instrument, the developer recommends using GOLD, CURRENCY, NASDAQ, BOOM CRASH & VOLATILITY 75 & 100, he also claims that the adviser is able to pass the Prop Firm, trading with a maximum drawdown of 2%, bring a weekly profit of 370% , and the minimum deposit for trading is only $100!!!

Attention !!! Please read carefully the rules for installing the advisor, and install it correctly. Before publishing, we check everything and publish only those advisors that work on our accounts !!! At least at the time of this article’s publication. In order not to miss any material, subscribe to our telegram channel

Developer price600 USD FREE for you
Money managementAt least 100 currency units for every pair
Recommended brokersRoboForex, IC MarketsALPARI
For advisor recommended to use VPS 24/5Zomro (most affordable Windows server only $ 2.75 per month)


I had some problems with historical data quotes in the terminal, so the backtest results may not be correct in this case, I decided not to publish the results, below you can watch a video from the developer, by the way, he shows backtesting on his own example


How to install:

Read carefully, I specially highlighted text in red so that you pay attention to it, although I’m sure that again there will be people who just download robots, don’t read anything, and then complain about their problems and installing the adviser incorrectly will write that it doesn’t work !!!

So about the installation

  1. The Expert Advisor works only in the 1370 terminal build, you can download it here link.
  2. I tried to install all the files on my home PC running Windows 10 and I don’t know what the problem is, I didn’t have this before, but when I started the terminal it automatically closed and started again, but the build was updated to 1380 and issued the error is that the files are not compatible with this build, but actually this is understandable, as I wrote above, ALL FILES OF THIS EA WORK ONLY IN BUILD 1370!!!

How I solved this problem, I just installed the adviser and all the files on the vps and the problem disappeared, if you experience the same problem, I recommend installing the adviser on this ZOMRO VPS, it works. I did not check with other VPS, so I do not guarantee the work.

3. What you need to do is install all the files from this archive – (password – into the root folder as shown in the screenshot. Don’t forget to also change the terminal build!!!

4. How to install an file adviser in terminal and a settings file for it, I will not write, everything is standard
5. If a blue horizontal bar does not appear on the terminal screen, then the adviser will not trade, so that it appears, try switching the timeframe from m5 to m15, for example, and wait a little, it should appear and then switch back to the m5 timeframe

If you have installed everything as I told you, your adviser will work and trade. At least it works now at the time of writing this post.


I can’t say anything about the adviser itself and its profitability, since I myself just installed it on my demo account and I will follow the results in order to draw a conclusion in the future.
In general, based on my experience, I can say that you definitely won’t get the fantastic results that the developer describes on his website, which means that the developer is already lying and trying to just sell his creation to naive people, most likely all this is designed for beginners in trading who are in due to their lack of understanding and lack of experience, they look at beautiful pictures and promising words, believe in them and run to buy these advisers.
But thank God, you don’t need to buy anything from us. With this robot, you can get acquainted for free and draw certain conclusions for yourself. Yes, of course, in order for the hacked adviser to work, you need to do some manipulations with the installation described by me above, yes it is a little more complicated than the usual installation, but nevertheless it allows you to use EA for free and not pay the developer $ 600.
Well, if this setup looks difficult for someone and because of this he will not use this EA, I want to assure you that there is nothing for you to do in the forex market, this will only bring you frustration, since success and getting a steady profit from this kind of activity is much, much more difficult than this setup of an adviser, but if you have the strength, then working in the forex market is definitely worth all the effort!!!

Reminder: As with every trading system, always remember that forex trading can be risky.  Don’t trade with money that you can not afford to lose.  It is always best to test EA’s first on demo accounts, or live accounts running low lotsize.  You can always increase risk later!

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