Greetings, fellow traders, we constantly make posts with advisers, but I thought that for a long time we didn’t have just useful posts, and I decided to fix everything.
As you know, some advisors are unlocked for certain builds of terminals and work only in them, often users find it difficult to find a specific build, so I decided to make it easier to search for builds and collected in this post all builds starting from the last working one, so that it would be easier for you to search for them.
Just go to this page and download the required assembly!!!

Attention at the time of writing this article, the oldest working version of the terminal is 1347, the builds that were released before it no longer work, over time, the old builds that work now will probably also be blocked!

Video instructions on how to roll back MT4 and disable auto-update:

Terminal builds:

Archive password:

1417 ✅Works
1415 ✅Works
1403 ❌Blocked
1400 ❌Blocked
1380 ❌Blocked
1370 ❌Blocked
1369 ❌Blocked
1367 ❌Blocked
1361 ❌Blocked
1360 ❌Blocked
1359 ❌Blocked
1358 ❌Blocked
1356 ❌Blocked
1355 ❌Blocked
1354 ❌Blocked
1353 ❌Blocked
1352 ❌Blocked
1351 ❌Blocked
1350 ❌Blocked
1349 ❌Blocked
1347 ❌Blocked