Laser level trend powerful indicator that allows you to avoid sharp fluctuations and uncertain market noise. It functions mainly as a filter to help trade in the direction of the trend, but by calculating some values and using some approaches it can be used as a full-fledged trading system. Works on any pair and timeframe.

Developer price88 USD FREE for you
Currency pairANY
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-Unique trend detection to avoid unexpected turns and uncertain market noise.
-Analyzes maximum profit statistics and calculates possible targets for the next signal
-A flexible tool that can be used in many ways to improve your trading system.

Trend filter:

  • Additional filter for existing systems
  • Period of use = from 4 to 10

Entry point:

  • Entering a trade from a confirmed system
  • Period of use = 2 to 3

-Retreat strategy

The output will depend on the discretion of the trader as per his/her strategy.

  • Areas of support/resistance
  • Reversal signals from price action patterns

Statistical data:

  • Exit trades as soon as the profit reaches the “Average Profit”.
  • Partially close trades when profits reach the “Minimum Movement”.

The directions of the higher and lower timeframes are the same:

  • Buy trending laser signals on H1 if H4 is an uptrend
  • Sell trending laser signals on M15 if H1 is trending down.

-Color schemes for light and dark charts
-Never repaints
-Never redraw
-Never recounts
-Signals strictly for “Bar Closing”
-Compatible with the development of advisors.

Video instructions:


  • Total trades – the total number of past signals.
  • Profitable trades – the total number of past profitable signals. It is calculated based on a signal that at some point turned into profit and does not include an exit strategy.
  • Success rate is the percentage (%) of past profitable signals. An important filter for scanning more effective tools.
  • The best profit is the highest recorded maximum profit.
  • Average profit is a value that predicts the possible maximum profit of the next signal.
  • Minimum Move – The average of past signals is below the average profit. Can be used as a minimum take profit or exit target for scalping.


If we have 4 past signals:
-Signal 1 brought maximum profit of 5 points
-Signal 2 brought maximum profit of 20 points
-Signal 3 brought maximum profit of 8 points
-Signal 4 brought maximum profit of 15 points
Average profit = (Signal 1 + Signal 2 + Signal 3 + Signal 4)/4 = (5+20+8+15)/4 = 12 points
Signal 5 is expected to reach a maximum of 12 points.
The average profit value can be used as a take profit value or exit strategy.

Success Level – Can be used to find the most trending markets.
Example 1
If the couple has a success rate below 85%. We can skip trading this pair and look for other pairs with a higher success rate.
Example 2
The success rate of H1 on EURUSD is 86%, and the success rate of H1 on AUDUSD is 92%. A wise decision is to choose AUDUSD signals.



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