Hello dear traders. According to your comments, we realized that many people need a robot that often opens positions, and of course must be profitable !!!
We present to your attention the Forex Vzlomshik Pro Expert Advisor uses the Martingale strategy . With an infinite time of using the strategy, a theoretical gain is impossible, however, with a periodic withdrawal of investments, the theory of probability works in our favor. After the withdrawal of the initial investment, the dangerous martingale strategy immediately becomes breakeven and highly profitable.

Terminal: MT4
A type: Martingale
Timeframe: H1
Working hours: around the clock
Money management: At least 1000 currency units per lot 0.01 for each pair used.
Recommended brokers: ALPARIWForex,  Amarkets
For advisor recommended to use VPS 24/5: Zomro

Forex Vzlomshik Pro Advisor uses 3 scalping strategies to determine entry points, which increases trading efficiency.Multicurrency trading is used with individual settings for each pair, which ensures diversification of trading and reduction of risks, this is due to the fact that for each pair we trade significantly reduced lots compared to the single-currency strategy, and the periods of large drawdowns for all pairs do not coincide at the same time,which ensures a smooth growth of the deposit with small drawdowns.

Last month in January, the robot brought 60% of profit on only one EURUSD currency pair, you can see this in the screenshot above

Real Account monitoring

Attention! Do not change anything in the supplied sets if you do not understand what you are doing!
This advisor is refers dangerous ones, so it is recommended to withdraw profit once a month or more often, under this condition the adviser works successfully on real accounts.

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