As you know, in order to form a balanced portfolio of advisors, a serious trader, in addition to high-risk overclocking martingales, intellectually advanced trend robots, accurate scalpers that “bite off” small pieces from increased volatility , also need advisors that provide a small but stable income with minimal risks. In this article, we will talk about the EA, which is intended to be used as a stable break-even component in a portfolio of strategies .

We present to your attention Forex advisor Grand Master created according to the strategy of the same name. A distinctive feature of this EA is a break-even trade (with certain restrictions, of course). The Expert Advisor is designed to open positions after preliminary technical analysis . Nevertheless, an advisor, once launched and trading even without taking into account technical analysis, has been working in profit for a long time.

Terminal: MT4
Currency pair: AUDUSD, EURAUD
A type: Averaging
Timeframe:  Any
Working hours: around the clock
Money management: At least 5000 currency units per lot 0.01
Recommended brokers:ALPARIWForex,  Amarkets
For advisor recommended to use VPS 24/5:Zomro

Expert Advisor Strategy
The EA is designed to open positions on inversely correlated pairs in the direction of a positive swap : so, according to the original strategy, the AUDUSD pair should only be bought , and the EURAUD pair should only be sold… These positions must be done after technical analysis of the charts of the above-mentioned pairs and determination of the most favorable entry point in the direction corresponding to the strategy. Trades are opened with a small take profit (20 points), without stop loss. If the trade is closed with a profit, we open a new order. In the case when the currency pair goes in the “wrong” direction, the EA builds a network of orders with a fixed step and a limited number of orders for each pair – these parameters are set in accordance with the historically justified values ​​of the recoilless movement on AUDUSD (EURAUD) pairs. It is also possible to use other cross-correlated pairs and trade them exclusively in the direction of the positive swap.
Thus, the EA is an original range grid and carry trade in one bottle.

Attention! The “Grand Master” Expert Advisor uses the strategy of averaging through a grid of orders. Strict adherence to money management is necessary!


  • UsedSymbol – the name of the pair being traded (exactly as it is called in the “Market Watch” in MetaTrader4);
  • Direction – direction of trade, buy or sell;
  • MagicNumber – magic;
  • TakeProfit – take profit;
  • StopLoss – stop loss;
  • Distance – distance between orders;
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • MaxOpenOrders – the maximum number of open orders;
  • double Lot – lot size.

Attention! The EA has a peculiarity in its current implementation: it can sometimes (once every 3-4 months) “forget” to place a take profit, therefore it is recommended to periodically review open positions and, if there is no take profit, to set it manually.

The Grand Master Expert Advisor is a stable range-type trading robot that is profitable for a fairly long period. With proper money management and the application of technical analysis, the risk of loss is minimal and can only work during global economic shocks. But in the short term, the advisor may be in a drawdown, which is a consequence of its strategy. It should also be borne in mind that in order to identify high-quality entry points, the EA needs preliminary technical analysis .

Download Grand Master Expert Advisor