Blessing EA for MT4 screenshot

Blessing robot is a very unique and powerful 24/5 advisor. Several features make Blessing safe and make money very powerful. The math is simple and money management will increase the base lot size as the balance increases.

This is one of the most stable advisors. The hardest part with this EA is the set of files.

Terminal: MT4
Type: Martingale, Grid, Hedging
Currency pair: EUR/USD, GBP/USD
Timeframe: 5M, 30М, 1H
Recommended brokers: ALPARI , WForex ,  Amarkets

We have included several sets of settings for EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD.

They all work well. Good consistent returns for those looking for them.

Caution: Use it according to your appetite for risk. Check it out well. Also maintain proper account balance. Do not use it on small account balances.

These presets are for timeframes as indicated below.

  • EURUSD- H1
  • GBPUSD- H1
  • XAUUSD – M5

The minimum balance required to trade these pairs is $ 3,000. If you keep it at $ 5,000 even better.

There will be about 3-4 times a year, large drawdowns from 1000 to 1400 dollars when trading. So be aware of the risks of martingale trading. Withdraw profits from time to time if you maintain a minimum balance.

Capital protection is provided at the level of 50%. Thus, if your balance is $ 3,000, it will close all trades if Equity drops below $ 1,500 and the robot stops trading.


  • Works with multiple pairs
  • Multiple Input Control Functions (3888 Record Types)
  • Buy / Sell entry with stop / limit
  • Grid trading strategy with many management functions
  • ShutDown function, stops B3 trading after the basket is closed
  • Create a grid array based on user input
  • Can manage manually added deals
  • Trailing stop function for extra profit
  • Early exit possibility
  • Hedging options for the current or correlated pair
  • Loss recovery function
  • Broker commission refund and swap function
  • Power Out Stop Loss functions – SL is sent to the broker
  • Selecting an account type manually
  • Trade balance protection
  • Stop loss protection
  • Automatic selection of broker decimal
  • Chart overlays for order and account tracking
  • Functions of manual or automatic money management
  • Brokerage spreads are not a problem
  • Manual or automatic selection of the magic number of the trade

Blessing now uses up to five indicators in its entry decision process. You can use them all together or separately. The UseAnyEntry feature allows you to harden the entry decision. By default, MA is included as a basic indicator. If you choose to include other indicators , Blessing can use all of them to determine entry, or use the first available indicator entry.


blessing ea screen

Blessing 3 is a grid trading robot with the function of enabling martingale and hedging (optional). Uses a moving average to determine market conditions and limit the current price to stop limit values ​​to take profit in that direction. If the direction is bullish, purchases are opened to take profits. If the trend reverses, Buy Stop is triggered, and profit is fixed on the reversal. If the direction is bearish, Sells are opened to take profit. If the trend reverses, Sell Limit is triggered, and profit is taken on the reversal.

As an integral part of placing side trades, Blessing adjusts the lot size based on a user-selectable multiplier. Each trade added as a limit has a lot size that gradually exceeds the previous one based on a user-selectable Multiplier. This multiplier is directly related to the money management procedure developed by Blessing.

Blessing uses a proprietary method to calculate the potential profit for a basket of currently open orders. Blessing displays the total number of trades, takes into account the value of the pip movement for the lot size of each of them, and then calculates the “potential profit”. This potential profit is converted to Take Profit for all orders.

After Blessing has set up its grid and started taking trades, it is at the mercy of price. If the price goes too far in the wrong direction, it will cause a drawdown in your account. One way to avoid high drawdowns is to hedge open orders.

Hedging is simply opening a trade in the opposite direction of what is already open. For brokers outside of the US, this hedge trade can be done on the same pair, which means that each time the price changes, the basket’s profit / loss is directly offset by the hedge order’s loss / profit.

To use hedging, enter the symbol for the pair exactly as instructed by your broker, or if you are trading the same pair, leave the field blank. Blessing will automatically determine if pairs are positively or negatively correlated by calculating the correlation coefficient based on daily historical data for the number of days specified in CorrPeriod.


EABLS 3.9.6 settings


Expert Advisor Blessing 3.9

Download EA BLESSING 3.9.6