Three Musketeers EA is a morning shock EA, which opens new orders every morning between 4:00 and 7:00 Beijing time. This EA enters and exits the market according to the RSI and moving average signals and the price difference of different indicators. It does not do trends or high frequencies. It opens about one to three orders a day, with a success rate of about 80%

Attention !!! Please read carefully the rules for installing the advisor, and install it correctly. Before publishing, we check everything and publish only those advisors that work on our accounts !!! At least at the time of this article’s publication.Also, please note that the name of the adviser has been changed, you can find the original name of the adviser in our telegram channel

Developer priceNot exactly known USD FREE for you
Money managementAt least 200 currency units
Recommended brokersIC Markets
For advisor recommended to use VPS 24/5Zomro (most affordable Windows server only $ 2.75 per month)

EA does not use dangerous trading methods, but if the transaction deviates a little in the opposite direction and goes at a loss, then the adviser can open additional 2 orders, they do not give a large drawdown and you can not worry about the safety of the deposit, below is a back test on some currency pairs, advisor showed a decent result!!!

Among other things, the adviser has a real account monitoring which is available publicly, the adviser is installed on the account with a broker IC Markets , and has been trading for two years quite successfully earning 2,844% at the moment, in fact, you can study all this in more detail at the link below


The adviser was most likely developed by Chinese programmers, since the site where the adviser is sold is completely in Chinese, so the adviser settings are not clear to me because they are written in Chinese characters and my computer does not support this font and instead of hieroglyphs it gives out a completely unreadable character set, so I even I can not translate the name of the settings. Nevertheless, I decided to do a back test with standard settings and to be honest, this is an amazing result and monitoring of a real account also looks beautiful, which inspires even more confidence in this adviser, but no matter how beautiful it all looks, I will first test it on a demo account, and I recommend everyone to do this, the fact is that I have seen proofs so many times that impeccably proved that the adviser is just a grail that can provide everyone with a comfortable life and it all looked quite convincing, but when you put it on your own account, you understand that not everything is as good as we are show and tell sellers and developers of advisors.
In any case, I am sharing this adviser with you for free so that you can test it and draw the appropriate conclusions, and if everything is fine, then continue to use it without any restrictions, free of charge forever.
On our site, we always share advisors that we check for performance on our own accounts, and we are sure that it will work at least at the time of writing this article, but we do not guarantee that this advisor or any other will bring you profit, the developer of the adviser is responsible for the success of trading!!!
But if you like our work and want to support the development of the site, it is always welcome))) Thank you all for your attention, good health and successful trading!!! team for coffee)

Reminder: As with every trading system, always remember that forex trading can be risky.  Don’t trade with money that you can not afford to lose.  It is always best to test EA’s first on demo accounts, or live accounts running low lotsize.  You can always increase risk later!

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