Sup 9 Martin is an advanced, fully automated martingale forex trading software that uses the latest machine learning and quantum computing technologies. It uses Open AI technology to analyze vast amounts of data, including exchange rates and the gold market, to make predictions about future price movements.

Attention !!! Please read carefully the rules for installing the advisor, and install it correctly. Before publishing, we check everything and publish only those advisors that work on our accounts !!! At least at the time of this article’s publication.Also, please note that the name of the adviser has been changed, you can find the original name of the adviser in our telegram channel

Developer price1988 USD FREE for you
Currency pairXAUUSD
Money managementAt least 1000 currency units
Recommended brokersRoboForex, IC MarketsALPARI
For advisor recommended to use VPS 24/5Zomro (most affordable Windows server only $ 2.75 per month)


Back Testing was not carried out, there are many real account monitorings, you can study below

Link to monitoring –

Link to monitoring –

Link to monitoring –

Link to monitoring –



Hello everyone, I always try to check all advisers for performance before publishing, but now I didn’t have time to do this, they sent me an adviser, they said that it was hacked and I hurried to publish it so that you could check it, I noticed that this adviser requires a key and connects via web requests to the server, so it may not work, but it still needs to be checked, since I came across similar advisers earlier and they could work after hacking without connecting to the server and without a key.
Again, even if the adviser does not work, you don’t need to get very upset now, I will give you information about the developer of this adviser and at least you will know that you DO NOT NEED to buy robots from him.
The fact is that I have been following this developer for a very long time and he specializes mainly in robots trading on gold and they all use the martingale system, which in itself is considered dangerous trading, but the developer beautifully packs advisers, beautiful pictures when launching advisers are sometimes even accompanied music) beautifully writes descriptions and even provides proofs, but unfortunately all this is temporary, since all of his advisers can trade with profit for a short time, in the end the martingale does its job and the adviser depletes the deposit, and the monitoring provided by the developer and showed some months of profit is eventually deleted, and a new account is created, a new monitoring, and it starts showing again what a profitable adviser it has, trying to sell it to people.

Reminder: As with every trading system, always remember that forex trading can be risky.  Don’t trade with money that you can not afford to lose.  It is always best to test EA’s first on demo accounts, or live accounts running low lotsize.  You can always increase risk later!

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