QUANTUM TIO a versatile, very simple but reliable trading strategy for catching pullbacks after a strong impulse. Suitable for both Forex and stocks and binary options. The higher the timeframe, the more accurate, but rare the signals.

Terminal: MT4
Currency pair: currency major + indices + metals
Timeframe:  M1-H1
Recommended brokers:NPBFXALPARIAmarkets

The strategy itself is not new, and has been tested for a long time (since 2013), every year it is only expanded with additional filters and the scope of application is expanded.

It’s simple. When the entry conditions for all built-in indicators are matched, a buy or sell arrow is displayed on the chart.
After the next bar closes, the deal is closed. You can use two bars and then close the deal. And also build a small grid of 3-5 knees, both with and without martingale.

We do not trade before and on important news that may not bounce for a long time. We do not trade in instruments that are in a difficult position with long recoilless recoil. We select a timeframe for convenient trading. It is better to choose instruments with a smaller spread. Trading times for most major pairs are from 11:00 to 22:00 (GMT+2).


Such indicator settings are universal for most pairs, but it is better to select your own settings for each pair and timeframe, as well as the trading method.
For some currencies and timeframes, optimized settings files are already included. Find it in the archive.
Additional filters can be applied, and this Quantum TIO indicator can be configured for more frequent inputs.

  • The indicator has alerts, PUSH notifications, email notifications.
  • You can customize the work schedule.
  • There is an expiration timer.

Please also test the strategy on a demo account before using it on a live account.


If you cannot download the file from the link above, please use the alternative download links, LINK 1LINK 2.