Greetings fellow traders, you asked and we got it for you, PROP FIRM EA is a new advisor released on August 1 this year, the peculiarity of this advisor is that it trades with a very small drawdown (4,20%) and monthly profit range of 10% to 20%, is tailored for passing the FTMO challenge, the cost of a license for 1 year of use EA It is $ 588, but for the users of our site, everything is as always FREE !!!

Before publishing, we check everything and publish only those advisors that work on our accounts !!! At least at the time of this article’s publication

Developer price588.00 USD FREE for you
Money managementAt least 2000 currency units
Recommended brokersNPBFXALPARIAmarkets
For advisor recommended to use VPS 24/5Zomro (most affordable Windows server only $ 2.75 per month)

As stated earlier, Prop Firm EA is compatible with funding companies such as FTMO, MY FOREX FUNDS, etc.

What are Funding Firm challenges?

Funding firm challenges are targets set by companies to check your ability to keep a certain percentage of drawdown while successfully trading in a steady profit margin.

After successfully passing the challenge, you will generally be awarded with an account funded up to $200,000 and your earnings on the account will be shared with a profit split between the firm and the individual.

From the developer of the EA

After testing the EA for a few months we are proud to announce that our Prop Firm EA was able to meet the requirements of the funding firms while successfully passing the challenge.

Features :

  • Get a funded trading account up to $200,000
  • Works on both personal accounts and funding firms accounts
  • News Filter – To avoid trading on big market event days
  • Smart internal indicators to analyze the market before placing a trade
  • Works on 25 trading pairs 
  • Low drawdown below 5%
  • 100% Non Martingale Strategy
  • Spread control – To avoid trading in a volatile market

What is Prop Firm EA’s strategy? 

Prop firm EA uses a top bottom reverse trading strategy along with grid, internal smart indicator signals and news filter as its trading strategy. 

This EA works on 25 pairs and comes with 4 preset files : 

Prop Firm EA D1 Low DD V1.11 Non Challenge.set : This
setting is for personal accounts and not funding firms, it has a
drawdown below 18% and monthly 10 to 20% expected profit gain
Prop Firm EA H4 V1.11 Aggressive Non Challenge.set: This
setting is for personal accounts and not funding firms. The
aggressive setting has a drawdown below 30% and a monthly
expected gain of 20% to 40%
Prop Firm EA D1 Low DD V1.11.set: This Setting is for funding
firm challenges and compatible for FTMO rules on normal account
not aggressive or swing mode. Below 5% daily drawdown with an
above 10% profit gain.
Prop Firm EA H4 V1.11 Aggressive.set: This setting is for an
aggressive mode funding firm challenges with a below 10%
drawdown and above 20% profit. Monthly.

MT4 charts for low DD is on a D1 timeframe and for aggressive mode a 4H timeframe is needed. Timeframes must be applied on all 25 pairs.
Check your GMT time and find the time difference and insert it in input

You need to set lot size manually according to your fund :
For each 2000 usd fund lot size is 0.01
10k lot size: 0.05 – 50k lot size : 0.25 – 100K lot size: 0.5 and etc
EA preset for funding firm is set to close trades on Friday in
order to avoid open trades over weekends.
Each preset needs to be loaded on all 25 pairs.


Reminder: As with every trading system, always remember that forex trading can be risky.  Don’t trade with money that you can not afford to lose.  It is always best to test EA’s first on demo accounts, or live accounts running low lotsize.  You can always increase risk later!

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Download PROP FIRM v2 EA