Prestigious EA is based on the concept of machine learning and employs a neural network to analyze historical market data and derive trading signals. The neural network is trained with extensive datasets to recognize complex patterns, trends, and behaviors in the market. This training process allows the EA to develop an understanding of market dynamics and make precise predictions based on that understanding.

Attention !!! Please read carefully the rules for installing the advisor, and install it correctly. Before publishing, we check everything and publish only those advisors that work on our accounts !!! At least at the time of this article’s publication.Also, please note that the name of the adviser has been changed, you can find the original name of the adviser in our telegram channel

Developer price649 USD FREE for you
Currency pairXAUUSD
Money managementAt least 100 currency units
Recommended brokersRoboForex, IC MarketsALPARI
For advisor recommended to use VPS 24/5Zomro (most affordable Windows server only $ 2.75 per month)

Special features:

  • Suitable with Prop firm Accounts, FTMO and other challenges
  • No Grid nor Martingale
  • Not sensitive to spread and slippage
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss for each Trade


I did not conduct backtesting, since there is real account monitoring, you can get acquainted with it in more detail by clicking on the link below

Link to monitoring –


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Having studied the monitoring of the advisor, we see really good results, just look at the win rate, this is 90% of winning orders compared to 10% of losses, this is simply great, but taking a closer look and looking at the trading results, we can see that, unfortunately, losses can exceed 10 times the profit and This already poses a danger. However, at the moment of writing this post, the adviser has been trading for the fifth month and each of them has brought profit, with the exception of the last one, 2023.10.13, the adviser received large losses of about 28% of the deposit, however, at the moment the total profit for the entire trading period is + 55% which is basically good.
But I think the advisor has not yet passed the verification stage and it cannot be considered profitable yet, I will explain why, if someone really reads my posts and does not mindlessly download advisors, then those guys, reading through the lines, emphasize for themselves some rules that will undoubtedly be useful in future trading . So, I have already told you somewhere that to determine the first stage of the profitability of an advisor, I use the following: I place the advisor on my demo or better cent account and start trading, if the advisor has been trading profitably for 3 months, I analyze the monitoring and if everything is satisfactory in terms of profit and other I consider it profitable according to the criteria and place it on my real account. But there are some other criteria that must be met in addition to 3 months of testing and making a profit; the advisor must make at least 100 trades, that is, if our advisor traded for three months in profit but only had 45 orders open during this time, then it is necessary to test it for as long as possible 100 transactions will not be reached and then we can draw conclusions.
So, for example, in our case, the advisor has been trading for almost 5 months and seems to be making a profit, but this is not yet reliable information since during this time only 30 orders this is not enough for complete statistics were processed and we need to wait for 100 to make an appropriate conclusion about its profitability!

Reminder: As with every trading system, always remember that forex trading can be risky.  Don’t trade with money that you can not afford to lose.  It is always best to test EA’s first on demo accounts, or live accounts running low lotsize.  You can always increase risk later!

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