The Powerful Matrix Scalper system is built on a trading strategy that has worked for decades …
Developers do not use exotic or speculative methods – instead, they have studied the strategies used by professional fund managers … or what insiders call “Smart Money”.

Terminal: MT4
Currency pair: Any
Timeframe:  M1-D1
Working hours: Any
Recommended brokers: NPBFX, ALPARIAmarkets

Strategy programmed to automatically adapt to current market conditions.
We know that no two trading sessions are the same and your trading strategy must adapt to the market.
The system uses an advanced polynomial algorithm that adjusts system parameters in real time.
Let me explain in detail how the system works …

The entry logic is very easy to understand for any trader. Regardless of trading experience.
The system uses statistical analysis to determine the further direction of the market (bullish or bearish) and find the optimal entry point.
A very simple and straightforward graphical diagram will show you which trend you are dealing with, as well as where to buy and sell at the same time.
Blue background – trade only blue buy signals. Ignore any sell signal.
Red background – trade only red sell signals. Ignore any buy signal.

The entry, stop loss and take profit rules in Matrix Scalper are very simple even for beginners.
A buy signal appears when the window is blue and an arrow of the same color appears on the chart.
A sell signal appears when the window is red and an arrow of the same color appears on the chart.
Market status is based on the most current colored background.
Buy is made only when it is blue.
Sell ​​only when red.

Example BUY TRADE (AUD / CAD, chart M1)

Buy. Trading rules

  • The background should be blue.
  • A blue arrow appears on the chart.
  • Enter to BUY.
  • Place your stop loss below the previous swing low.
  • Take profit with a risk-reward ratio of 1: 3 or better (for example, risking 15 pips, set take profit to 45 pips).
  • Ignore any red arrows when the surrounding price is blue!

Therefore, if you were to enter a buy trade when it triggered, you would close it with a profit of 64 pips.

Example SELL TRADE (GBP / USD, M5 chart)

Sell. Trading rules

  • The background should be red.
  • A RED arrow appears on the graph.
  • Enter to SELL.
  • Place your stop loss above the previous high.
  • Take profit with a risk-reward ratio of 1: 3 or better (for example, risking 20 pips, take profit 60 pips).
  • Ignore any blue arrows when the price surround is red!

Therefore, if you were to enter a sell trade when it hit, you would close it with a 68 pip profit.

Fixed profit target: the vast majority of traders prefer to go towards a fixed profit target. It’s simple and you do n’t have to count anything.
Below you will find some typical targets for taking profit on different timeframes:

  • M1 — 10-25 pips
  • M5 — 20-35 pips
  • M15 — 20 -40 pips
  • M30 — 30-75 pips
  • H1 — 50-120 pips
  • H4 — 80-200 pips
  • D1 — 125-300 pips

This Forex strategy works on all timeframes, currency pairs and any other Metatrader 4 symbols of your choice!
As such, it is great for scalping, day trading and fluctuating currency pairs, CFD stocks, indices and more.
Check out the following trading charts and find out how easy it is to make consistent profits with the Matrix Scalper!

You will receive a complete, non-expiring, lifetime version of the system with accurate signals with the same settings used to execute all those winning trades you have seen!