The Ranger Forex EA V3 trading robot created with more than 13 years of profitable backtesting trading history. It has been in development for over 6 years. He looks for the best range trading opportunities using a combination system of two indicators. The Ranger Forex V3 Expert Advisor can profit every month and has a profitable forward trading history for over 11 months! It uses smarthedging money management systemfor multiple pairs and looks for these precise trading opportunities weekly. This Expert Advisor is designed for a long-term investor.

Developer price: 397.00 USD FREE for you
Terminal: MT4
Currency pair: GBPCAD and AUDCAD
A type: Grid, Hedging
Timeframe: M30,H1 (timeframe is best used M30 on GBPCAD and H1 on AUDCAD )
Recommended brokers: ALPARIWForex,  Amarkets
For advisor recommended to use VPS 24/5: Zomro


  • Backtesting data shows that there have been no losing months in 10 years!
  • Projected monthly profit 2.5-10% per month (default settings)
  • Trades every week
  • Trades GBPCAD and AUDCAD like a pro.
  • Uses hedging techniques to turn losing trades into winning ones
  • Profits every month
  • Finds the best places to trade in the market
  • Trades better than most people!
  • FIFO compatible

Here are the Ranger V3 EA results for all 2 currency pairs combined over the past 2.5 years!
Each year starts with a balance of $ 10,000 and is each month for 12 months. This graph was compiled by one of the expert’s regular users!

Ranger EA V3 Testing AUDCAD on historical data from the current date 2010-2020!
Profit every month!
$ 1,000 to 1,040 $ 150.08 for one of two trading pairs over 10 years!

Ranger EA V3 Backtest GBPCAD from the current date 2010-2020!
Profit every month!
From $ 1,000 to $ 39,104.82 for just one of 2 trading pairs in 10 years!



Very accurate entry
Good entry with low risk brings profit EVERY month!
Can bring up to 2.5-10% per month:
The Expert Advisor can earn up to 5-20% per month trading on an account with 500: 1 leverage ! 
He can also profit on accounts with lower leverage of 50: 1!
Uses multicurrency trading to hedge the market:
The Expert Advisor can profit from trading 2 pairs. Each pair can make a profit on its own, but at the same time makes the EA stronger and more powerful in the long run.
Trades GBPCAD and AUDCAD like a pro:
Understands and studies the personalities of these trading pairs. It has been able to adapt to the worst trading times of the past 13 years to form the safest possible trading risk apatite that moves forward. 
Grid trading at its best:
Grid trading can be risky and intimidating if done wrong! The Ranger Forex Expert Advisor knows how to use grid trading correctly to turn losing trades into winning ones!
Uses a combination of two indicators for excellent trade entry:
Cleverly uses the RMI indicator to identify (more accurate) overbought and oversold market conditions. After detecting a (good) overbought or oversold market, the EA will wait for a specific two candle reversal pattern before entering the market. You get a POWERFUL combination!


After setting on the chart, no changes are required. Optimal default settings.