Bluefish Engine PRO is a Forex expert robot that uses a two pair correlation system. The EA will open a position when the market is out of balance. This Expert Advisor is an updated version of the Bluefish Engine Miner with improved signal triggers for open positions, and fixes the closure of all orders.

Developer price: 299.00 USD FREE for you
Terminal: MT4
A type: Correlation
Currency pair: EUR/USD, GBP/USD and others
Timeframe: H1
Recommended brokers: ALPARIWForex,  Amarkets
For advisor recommended to use VPS 24/5: Zomro

In statistics, correlation is the measurable relationship between two quantities at the same time. Correlation values ​​typically range from -1 to 1. A negative (inverse) correlation of -1 means that two pairs have a perfect negative relationship. This means that pairs are moving in opposite directions. If one of them rises, the other will fall. The inverse correlation can also be greater than -1, with the same trend as -1 (the lower the value, the greater the difference). Examples of negatively correlated pairs: EUR / USD and USD / CHF.

Conversely, a positive (direct) correlation of 1 means that two pairs have a perfectly positive relationship when they both move in almost the same direction. If one pair goes up, the other pair goes up as well. If the value of the direct correlation is greater than 1, then the two pairs tend to move in the same direction (the larger the value of the positive correlation, the closer and more accurate the similarity of movement). Examples of pairs with direct correlation: EUR / USD and GBP / USD.


Entry point

  1. A minimum gap between 2 pairs must be achieved. 
  2. Follows the leader of the pair.

Exit point.

Exit a trade by hidden Take Profit and hidden Stop Loss.

The note:

  1. This EA cannot be back-tested because it uses 2 pairs to open positions.
  2. It is enough to connect an Expert Advisor for only 1 pair (pair A).